Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Gore-Nader 2008

Ralph Nader
PO Box 19362
Washington, D.C. 20036

February 10, 2007

Dear Ralph,

I just saw “An Unreasonable Man” at the 4:30 showing in Los Angeles. I was the guy who spoke about LNG terminals off the coast of Oxnard and Malibu. Not many in the audience knew what I was talking about. There has been a concerted effort to downplay this subject in the LA market. If ever there were an issue that had Ralph Nader’s name on it, it would be this one. Government corruption, lack of oversight, bribery by foreign owned multinational corporations, hypocrisy from leading environmentalists and phony studies from the fossil fuel industry all add up to a subversion of our rights as American citizens. Everything you taught me to look out for is occurring in our community right now. I am not alone in this fight, but we need reinforcements. There are critical meetings happening in the near future that we need people to attend. Could you help us put the word out?

I have enclosed my writings, links to organizations fighting this intrusion and a short documentary called “Sand Sun Oil Gas” that I worked on with Janet Bridgers of Earth
Alert. Please give my thanks to the filmmakers for creating a moving documentary that chronicles the life of a true American hero.

Whatever you choose to do politically, I support, but if I might indulge myself for a moment, What if Al Gore and Ralph Nader put aside their differences, joined forces and became the Gore-Nader ticket in 2008? The fight to stop global warming is more important than any one party, person or government. It is time for a New Deal for the New Century.

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