Saturday, November 18, 2006

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The Pipeline


There once was a carefree place
Near the Port of Hueneme
People surfed and swam
Where the dolphins played
And fished and sailed in the open sea

Then along came some men
From a land down under
Hey there mates, what a place to plunder
Let’s build a liquid gas plant off the coast of wonder
All we need to do is give some money to their governor

So they opened up an office
In a high and mighty tower
They bought off our officials
And took away their power
Our corrupted local paper couldn’t wait for it to flower

So what if some terrorists take a tanker for a ride
And run it into ground at the fairgrounds site
Or ram it with a boat full of dynamite
You know that our fireman have got it right
If the gas explodes, they won’t be able to fight

The citizens of the coast had all agreed
That they didn’t want to roast in LNG
But they wouldn’t have a say, to object was absurd
Cause our constitution rejected being heard
The Federal government had the final word

So when you look out at the sea
You’ll see the tankers full of LNG
Every time you see one sail by
You’ll wonder if it’s time for you to die
Yes, fuel from LNG, is an eminent catastrophe

Copyright 2006 by Michael de Martino